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PROFILE - history and present

Our company AGRO ZS MORAVA was founded in 1995 as a limited liability company by two companions Mr. Malovany and Mr. Sita senior. Initial message of this company was to arrange modern technologies for cattle and poultry breeding for Czech and Slovak agricultural companies. Pillars of these activities were deliveries and installations of stabling fences, feeding systems, sewerage systems and stabling water supply systems.

Other activity was run in 1998 and it was an industrial air-conditioning installations projected of prestigious specialist from this field. These installations have been executed mainly for welding plants and surface treatment facilities in big industrial factories.

Due to the fact that the work of assembly teams was done in a quality and on time way a new activity was integrated in 2001 – trading service in assemblies, repairs and human securing for realization of operational set-up on production lines.

In 1998 it was decided to suppress gradually the initial activity of the company due to radical decrement of agricultural production in the Czech Republic. Developed business relations brought a new content of our company AGRO ZS MORAVA in realization of outsourcing of foreign engineering and assembly companies. This entirely trading activity became the main subject of activities of our company gradually since 2001. The range of realized jobs have been raising each year due to potential and tradition of Czech industry.

Activities of our company were extended in 2007 by a consultation service and project creation for obtaining financial help from European Union and national sources.

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